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"I would like to say thank you for the service we've received… Your company drivers are well mannered and excellent… a credit to the company."
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When you decide to go holidaying in Osset, larger Leeds or any other town in England, Minibus Hire Leeds is the best company to hire your vehicles from.  The company packages its services to guarantee clients with complete tranquillity, enjoyment, and highest value for their money. Though some people often opt for smaller cars, the ultimate cost is higher and does not give you adequate space to take your entire luggage and other items you might get on the way. Here are key reasons why you should always come to us when you want to move a sizeable team.

Reduced Cost of Travelling

The cost of travelling in our minibus for your team is over 50% lower compared to other methods of travelling such as using a taxi or public methods. Because all the team members are travelling together, we only use one vehicle, one driver, and other services as well as associated costs are equally low. If the travelling team are contributing towards the ultimate cost, the sharing will further bring down contribution per individual will even get lower.

Because Minibus Hire Osset is responsible for all logistics such as repairs, maintenance, and insurance, you will not incur any other cost apart from the main charges. In case of breakages when you take the vehicle for your travelling, simply call us and we will be right there in no time to address your issue. If the problem is major and cannot be addressed using simple diagnostics, we will dispatch another bus to ferry you through the remaining part of the journey.  We are responsible for all the associated costs.

Safety during Travel

When we lease our buses, we make sure that all they come with latest security systems for safety guarantees. In particular, our minibuses and coaches are fitted with modern diagnostic tools that help to detect mechanical problems when they arise. If the problem is not major, our technical support will be able to rectify it remotely from our offices to reduce chances of breakages or other major issues such as delays, or even accidents.

Drivers employed at our company are subjected to rigorous vetting to assess and identify only those with high qualifications. The drivers understand how to drive clients safely, how to address minor mechanical issues, and most importantly, how to follow the legally prescribed driving codes. One of our clients reported his satisfaction with the driver who chauffeured his corporate team to a seminar. “While I had always used the roads in Leeds city, I never clearly understood how to avoid the traffic jam. However, the minibus hire driver was able to use alternative routes that I had not previously understood,” explained the client.

Focus on Clients Value

The main target of Minibus Hire Osset and Leeds is creating a strong sense of attachment with clients by ensuring that services delivered are of highest possible quality. We therefore ensure that the minibuses are fitted with special air conditioners; seats are comfortable and adjustable for total comfort.

We stop at nothing when it comes to delivering quality to clients. Reach us now to get the right minibus or coach for hire depending on the number of travellers in your team.

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